Monday, August 18, 2008

Choosing Death ...

Powerful and sensitive playwright, C.N. Taylor, courageously tackles a rarely spoken of end of life challenge in Unforgettable . This moving play is now being presented in Murphys, California, in the heart of the Mother Lode.

When independent, determined healthy, intelligent, and aging Henry chose to end his life, he turned to his only daughter for support.

I had stayed with my father while he purposefully made his exit from this world. It was a difficult experience for me, yet at times quite joyous. I was left with a feeling of profound respect for a man I loved dearly and with whom I disagreed on just about everything.

After years of family suffering as his wife of many decades passed slowly and painfully away, he had a different plan.

Unforgettable targets life and death article from the Sonora Union Democrat Weekender ... click here.

Click here for contact information. Black Bart Theatre in Murphy's through August 24th.